What is CodeAnt AI?

CodeAnt AI helps detect and auto-fix the most impactful code issues and security vulnerabilities. It integrates directly from IDEs to Pull Requests and CI/CD pipelines.



  • Control Center (CI/CD): Visualize and manage health of the entire codebase, and fix the most impactful code issues and security vulnerabilities.
  • Pull Request Integration: Get AI powered line-by-line code reviews, scan PRs for critical code and security issues, auto-suggest fixes, and provide AI PR summaries.
  • IDE Integration: Your pair programmer will help you find and auto-fix over 5000 code quality issues and security vulnerabilities in real-time, without leaving your favorite IDE.


For GitHub Users

To get started with CodeAnt AI on GitHub, simply install our app from the GitHub Marketplace. Once installed, CodeAnt AI will seamlessly integrate with your repositories, providing real-time suggestions and automatic fixes to improve your code quality and security.

For Bitbucket Users

Bitbucket users can easily access CodeAnt AI by signing in directly with Bitbucket on the dashboard. Our AI tool will integrate with your Bitbucket repositories, offering the same powerful features to enhance your codebase and safeguard against vulnerabilities.

With CodeAnt AI make sure that you are always shipping the highest quality code, faster!